Chrysalis Eco Habitat – Style and Substance

What happens when an upmarket Parisian design studio puts its mind to creating an eco habitat? You end up with something as incredibly stylish as the Chrysalis. It is entirely eco designed, completely energy self-sufficient to the point of even supplying electricity for a small vehicle or electric bike.

The construction is built on a frame 100% wood and its manufacture is carried out  at the factory to limit induced environmental impacts and to reduce costs. It stands on four stilts to avoid touching the site on which it is installed.

Rainwater is collected and filtered, and electricity production is ensured by photo voltaic collectors helped by a vertical axis wind turbine. A Canadian well system associated with a balance ventilation helps to regulate temperature and fresh air. This system can also be turned into an air conditioned space without energy expenditure.

This structure is designed to incorporate convertible loft and more cells can be connected to respond  to variable space requirements. The designers envisage that the Chrysalis could be installed almost anywhere – on water, in the city, on mountains, in forests or even just in a back garden…