International Contributors

Steph Curtis-Raleigh


Steph has over 20 years of editing experience and comes to Glamping via the Holiday Park Sector, as she also edits and publishes Holiday Parks Management magazine. She is also an editor/publisher in the amusement machine industry. In addition, Upgrade Publishing has recently launched a new online title for the Farm Shop sector called Free Range Magazine.
Steph's roots are in trade journalism and she enjoys writing about business, people and manufacturing. She has run a small PR company alongside her publishing work for the past 15 years.

Kathryn Kelly

Business Development Manager

Kathryn is a Business Development Manager for Upgrade Publishing Limited, working on the advertisement sales of business to business titles; International Glamping Business, Holiday Parks Management and various yearly show guides and directories. She has had over 28 years sales experience in publications, exhibitions, merchandising and worked for a short period on the Glamping Show. Kathryn worked in the Amusement/Coin Op industry for 14 years as a Sales Manager covering the UK and Europe. She enjoys the outdoors and loves to explore European city breaks with her family and friends.

Adeline Lenoir

Correspondent: France

Adeline Lenoir is a consultant and trainer specializing in unusual accommodation. She has worked as a Tourism professional for 18 years, first as an international volunteer in Turkey and Morocco, then specialised in local and responsible tourism in Mexico and Canada. Adeline co-managed one of the first big glamping sites in France before accompanying companies as a consultant in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She then decided to mix her passions, experience and network to create Hotes-Insolites!

Rendy Retguit

Correspondent: US/France

Rendy was originally an international landscaper for private, commercial and public gardens and
parks. For many years she also worked in the hospitality sector in a five-star resort in France. Now, she works in herr family company Woodytent as a senior consultant for Glamping projects mainly in the USA. She advises customers about Glamping and is involved in their personal projects from start to finish. Most importantly as a mother of five she knows what families and couples want when going on holiday.

Karen Southall

Correspondent: Spain

Karen Southall is a trade journalist focusing on the leisure, tourism and gambling markets. She loves all things glamping and travel related and having lived in Spain for 20 years also loves all things Spanish!
Karen and her husband have also spent a lot of their spare time completely renovating an old traditional Spanish townhouse and a caravan which have been used for holiday rentals using mostly recycled materials and on a shoe-string budget.

Eden Flaherty

Correspondent: Portugal

Eden Flaherty is a writer and editor who divides his time between the UK and Portugal. Having previously been involved in co-founding and running a glamping project, he draws on this experience to explore new and interesting industry developments. Swapping the hills of Shropshire for the somewhat sunnier Lisbon, he is currently focussed on the glamping sector in Portugal, and what makes it so spectacular — from cozy cabins in the mountains of the north, to tented surf camps on the coast.

Kate Morel


In 2017, in response to a growing need for genuinely impartial, experienced advice, Kate started her own advisory service focussing on glamping. She is often asked to give talks for tourism, trusts and associations, and to give seminars at events such as the Farm Innovation Show. She has a regular column in International Glamping Business magazines, and runs glamping business start-up workshops, of her own, and for other companies and membership organisations.

Sven Schuurmans

Correspondent: Germany/Netherlands

After launching, the successful platform that amassed a collection of extraordinary and unique stays in Europe, Sven set his sights on the web-shop where people could purchase gift vouchers redeemable at various lodging locations. An expert in the world of online marketing, specializing within the travel industry, Sven has aided many holiday parks, campsites and accommodations to vastly improve online visibility resulting in comprehensive booking increases for his clients. Combining his love for travel with his passion for online marketing Sven is able to pursue a ‘Digital Nomad’ lifestyle and focus his talents on his newest platform

Sarah Riley


Sarah Riley helps owners set up their glamping businesses and attract more bookings with techniques very few are using in this increasingly competitive industry, to maximise the success of unique holiday rentals around the world. She is a professionally qualified business coach, a marketing visibility specialist and the Founder of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses, who started her consultancy after jointly running a boutique hospitality business for over a decade. Sarah also works closely with the creator of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and is the Researcher and Project Manager for Jane Field-Lewis’ inspirational books.

Zoe Holland

Glamping Review Editor

Zoe has a highly successful blog called Juggling on Rollerskates, She loves adventure and the outdoors and takes her family with her. "We’re trying to explore all the places to see that are right on our doorstep….and far beyond…and share our tales," she says. Zoe has reviewed a number of glamping sites in the UK and abroad with our readers.

Mark Curtis-Raleigh

International Editor

Mark has worked for The Sunday Times for the past 15 years as a freelance Chief Sub-Editor across the many publications on the Arts Desk, including Culture, Travel, Books, Style and The Sunday Times Magazine. He has also memorably worked on The Rich List a number of times. Mark enjoys glamping, is a superb fire-maker and likes the challenge of writing glamping-related stories - even if it does mean having to take orders from the wife.

Ruben Martinez

Contributor: USA

Ruben is the Co-founder of Glamping Hub Inc, which is now the largest website dedicated to unique accommodations in the world. He maintains the strategy for client relationships and business development in over 80 countries and manages the Denver-based sales team. Ruben and the team at Glamping Hub also helped to organise the first Global Glamping Summit in Denver in April 2018 alongside Glamping Business and The Glamping Show and is now working on the first Californian Summit to take place in November 2018.

Emma Gavala

Contributor: Australia and Greece

Emma is an Economist, Ex-Googler and Glamping Researcher from the London School of Economics. As a Consumer Behaviour enthusiast in the field of Tourism, her background lies on Strategic Marketing for Glamping operators. More precisely, she has thoroughly researched the ‘Glamper’ psychology to advice on segmentation, targeting & positioning of new and existing Glamping ventures. She is an avid Glamping traveller herself, passionate admirer of upscale tourism offerings in The Outback & Australian coastline and believer in its rising potential in Europe & the Mediterranean region.

Lucy Friedlander

Correspondent: Italy

Lucy Friedlander is the caller of Spirits Intent, leading UK makers of yurts, tipis and other canvas structures, who are an integral part of the development of glamping in the UK. She is also one of the founders of the Heartland Association, based on a yurt campsite of their own in the beautiful Majella Mountains of Abruzzo, Central Italy. Heartland implements sustainable development for rural areas, in the form of slow tourism together with organic food-production, and is a force in the glamping revolution in Italy.

Kerry Roy

Correspondent: Italy

Kerry Roy opened her first award winning Glamping site ‘Camp Katur’ based in the uk in 2013. After successful continued growth she has introduced diversified offerings inc weddings, festivals, corporate events and wellness to her North Yorkshire Glamping Village. Having began with just two members of staff one being Kerry herself, she has grown a strong team in the UK which now enables her to develop further opportunities abroad, starting with Italy! Based in central Italy in the beautiful unspoilt region of Abruzzo, Kerry is using her Glamp-preneur skills to develop a second Glamping Retreat which will be targeted to those who seek wellness and outdoor adventure activities.

Christian Alard

Belgian Editor

Christian is the Director of the Campsite Federation of Belgium since 2009 and he is the organiser of the Camp'Air show - dedicated to outdoor accommodation.
"Welcoming people here and there has always been a treat and passion for me and the reason why I started off with a professional fair and an "outdoor consulting" society a few years ago… What will happen in the next future down the South in Belgium is something I'm really looking forward to," he says.

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If you are a freelance writer with experience in the glamping, leisure or travel markets or who has a passion for travel and the outdoors then we would like to hear from you. We are particularly keen on hearing from correspondents in emerging markets, outside of the UK.

Glamping operators require a vast range of products, services and accessories to deliver an exceptional experience to their clients. Ranging from the structures themselves to furnishings, accessories, cooking and activities and the marketing and booking channels through which they will operate their business.  Many of the suppliers to the glamping market are small or artisan and require both skill, persistence to find and contact.
We are seeking freelance sales representatives with an understanding or passion for these sectors, who will help us find and build relations for the magazine, directory and for our events The Glamping Show and the Global Glamping Summit.

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