Recreatie Vakbeurs Hardenberg – Netherlands Show report

The International Glamping Business team visited the sixteenth edition of Recreatie Vakbeurs in the Dutch town of Hardenberg last month. The show organisers report that a total of  7,709 recreational professionals attended on 28, 29 and 30 November.

“That is an increase of more than 8 per cent compared to 2016,” says organiser Tom Verbeek: “The increase is remarkable, in the sense that we had tightened the invitation policy in advance. We have filtered our invitation file properly to further increase the visitor quality. In the end, a win-win situation even arose, because both quality and quantity have increased. This has also led to great satisfaction among exhibitors, because more than 80 participants signed up for the 2018 edition at the fair. “

It is a large and varied show in a similar vein to SETT in Montpellier. A total of 245 exhibitors took part in Recreatie Vakbeurs in Evenementenhal Hardenberg. The show is quite unique in the fact that the organiser actually owns the exhibition hall – all exhibitors are treated to waiter service drinks and food throughout the event and visitors are also able to enjoy free food. Another interesting innovation is that the first hall is themed – in this case there was a ‘Happy Camping’ theme, complete with bark chip pathways, whimsical clouds, and even fake cows!

We caught up with many of our advertisers and exhibitors at The Glamping Show, including the teams at Outstanding, CampPlus and Luxetenten.The Dutch market has a strong camping history but is starting to come round to the idea of glamping with the younger generation reluctant to invest in, store or pitch their own tents in the same way. The market is mostly confined to safari tents although there were some barrel-style pods also on show. We were also pleased to meet up with Sven Schuurmans of and (pictured) who has contributed to the magazine. We would like to particularly thank Erik Verwaaijen of CampPlus for his hospitality and for suggesting that we visit in the first place!

Recreation Trade Fair 2018

The seventeenth edition of Recreation Trade Fair takes place on 27, 28 and 29 November 2018 in Evenementenhal Hardenberg. More information can be found .