Weltevree Design Company

The Weltevree way

A glamping site is more than the type of tents that you choose to pitch. The character of a site isn’t truly realised until it’s furnished. Choosing the right furniture and accessories is integral to a successful glamping site, but knowing where to go to find those things isn’t always a simple task. Thankfully, Weltevree are here to make the process a bit more simple.

Weltevree is a design company that focuses on outdoor furniture/living. With a wide collection ranging from the iconic Dutchtub, the Outdooroven and the refined Forestry dinner-table.

Weltevree specialises in making products that make sense in function, design and experience. Each product encourages an adventurous and social atmosphere bringing you comfortably closer to nature.

“With our collection, we pursuit a new idea of quality; by indulging experiences that promote your well-being. We want to inspire people to change the established ideas around well-being and luxury, in favour of a more conscious, social and content life. Each and every product arises from the necessity to better serve people in ways than was previously possible. Our products will encourage you – all year round – to enrich the use of your environment together with those you love.”

To find out more, visit the Weltevree website.