IRC Radiant Heating Systems

The GlampRAD™ is an innovative stand-alone radiant heater panel developed for the glamping and park home industries as an efficient & cost-effective alternative heating solution. Developed as a primary heating system that can be installed during construction or retro-fitted as an afterthought, the GlampRAD™ is easy to use, requires no annual servicing, maintenance or repairs as there are no running parts, and provides optimum comfort at low cost.

Operating at a surface temperature of 70-80c the GlampRAD™ emits 60% far-infrared radiation, with the remaining 40% being convective heat. Infrared radiation is a wave form which permeates outwards from the surface and travels through empty space until it reaches solid mass. The mass in turn absorbs the radiation, generating heat and becoming a convective heat source itself.

With a 36-48v supply the GlampRAD™’s themselves are extra safe and do not require a qualified electrician to install.

The GlampRAD is produced in canvas and stainless steel panels meaning that they can be installed into a variety of structures. The canvas GlampRAD’s are suitable for tents, tipis, safari tents, yurts, geo-domes and any other canvas glamping structure. The steel GlampRAD’s are great for pods, huts, tree houses , lodges, static caravans and more traditional brick and mortar buildings. Both the canvas and the steel panels are available in a variety of colours.

Radiant heating is gaining popularity in the global marketplace due to its ability to provide higher levels of comfort, efficiency and health benefits over traditional heating methods. There are many benefits to radiant heating, but to list a few, each unit creates comfortable radiant heat with a 99.97% efficient heating element. Not only does radiant heating not circulate dust and allergens but it is also 70% more efficient than conventional heating methods.

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