Top 3 Tips to generate more bookings from listing websites

Channel Management has become quite the buzz word in the past few years – advertising your glamping accommodation on multiple booking channels such as, Airbnb, and has become the norm to help generate more bookings, achieving maximum occupancy for your accommodation.’s top three tips provide key advice to help you generate better results from your listings.

Tip 1. Maximise your profile

It seems obvious but it is amazing how many owners don’t spend the time to fully complete their profiles on the listing sites that they are advertising on. Straight away you are creating barriers that may be preventing you from receiving additional bookings. Having a fully completed profile gives your listing more of an opportunity to succeed. Ensure you include a comprehensive description including all the key information that your guests would want to know, for example, what there is to see and do in the local area. A common mistake we often come across is listings not providing information on where the toilet and washing facilities are located. Having missing information or information not readily available can frustrate the potential customer and therefore prevent them from booking.

Include welcoming imagery that best captures your accommodation. Remember a picture tells a thousand words so include a variety of images showing the inside of the units, the exterior, the views and the facilities. Also ensure that your listing includes all the features that apply because if you miss one, you run the risk of your listing not showing in specific search results.

Tip 2. Input your pricing and availability for at least a year in advance

We are seeing an increasing amount of customers booking their glamping breaks well in advance. This is particularly true for returning customers and is relevant particularly during key times of the year; the high season summer months and around key events, when glampers know they have to book in advance to secure availability over their required dates. It is therefore crucial that your availability and pricing is populated well ahead of time so you don’t miss out on advance bookings.

Tip 3. Share your news

Build up a relationship with a key contact within each of the OTAs that you list on. Ask them how you can get involved in their marketing campaigns and how they can help to promote your business. Be sure to let them know of any offers and events that you are running or if you are adding to your portfolio. At we generally won’t know your news unless you inform us. If we are up to date with what is happening at your glamping site, then we can actively promote it to our audience via our various marketing channels including press and media, social and ezines.

By carrying out the above tips you are sure to see a marked improvement in the results you are receiving from the sites you are listed on. Advertising on multiple platforms enhances your brand awareness, opening you up to a wider audience that wouldn’t have necessarily heard about your business otherwise. If you aren’t already listed on you can sign up via this link: