The Glamping Association Releases a Legal Guide

In the wake of a publicised safety issue last year, The Glamping Association have been working hard to raise awareness of safety standards and legal requirements for glamping accommodation rental. One of our missions is to ensure glamping site operators are aware of the relevant laws and legislation so that glamping holidays for the public remain safe.

The launch of The Glamping Association’s Legislative Essentials for Glamping Accommodation Lodgings (LEGAL) Guide marks the first major step in protecting public safety in the glamping industry.

The guide has been specifically designed to provide a quick overview of the laws affecting the letting of accommodation in England, giving new entrants to the market an introduction to essential legislation, and enabling existing operators to check they are up to standard and aware of legislation.

The Glamping Association’s LEGAL Guide is available through Amazon as a digital down load or hard copy.

The Glamping Association was founded over a decade ago to monitor the industry size and gather statistics.

Today the Glamping Association is the Not For Profit Organisation representing glamping sites across the UK. Joining the Association is currently free and comes with a host of benefits including (but not limited to) a web listing and an enquiries service.

We hope that this guide will prove insightful for glamping site operators both old and new.