Grill N’ Chill by Certainly Wood

Certainly Wood Launch Grill N’ Chill Bags For Cooking On Wood

Certainly Wood has created a fantastic new product to introduce people to the delights of cooking on wood. The new Grill N’ Chill bag contains approximately 15 finer-split logs and is perfect for use in a fire pit, BBQ or pizza oven.

Certainly Wood’s logs are sustainably sourced from British woodlands, chosen for their density, which ensures they provide maximum heat. The logs are then kiln-dried to reduce their moisture content, which means they provide a cleaner burn with less smoke and fewer sparks.

By providing people with finer-split logs, they’ll find the whole process of creating an outdoor fire a lot quicker and easier. The Grill N’ Chill logs are ready to cook on as quickly as charcoal, but provide a more natural smoky flavour to food.

The logs are also ideal for anyone who wants to forget about cooking and spend a relaxing evening outside, enjoying a nice glass of wine by the warmth of a Grill N’ Chill fire.

Grill N’Chill bags have a RRP of £7.49.