Anthropods To Launch At The Glamping Show

This September Sees The Global Launch of Anthropods, A New And Innovative Product Set To Make Waves Within the World Of Glamping And Beyond

The brainchild of Rik Currie, an Industrial Designer who previously pioneered innovative design at Dutch railway company, Nerderlandse Spoorwegen, is set to launch Anthropods, a new approach in the design and construction of glamping and temporary accommodation at the Glamping Show at NEAC Stoneleigh on September 20.

The Changing Face of Glamping

Featuring an innovative, trade mark registered, leg design and other not-seen-before features like its fuselage shape and construction, Anthropods not only looks revolutionary but can be sited on uneven ground and requires minimal ground work, just 4 x 600 mm square pads for the leg pads to sit on. The pod comes in either 7.2 metre or 5.3 metre lengths and are 2.6 metres wide. Available in either on-grid or off-grid versions the pods come fully fitted on a flat bed truck to site and single units do not require planning permission. Once on site they can be easily moved to different seasonal locations.

‘We have received very positive interest from both the UK and overseas markets and have already sold a number of Anthropods offplan to glamping operators before the first prototype has been completed. The market is growing fast both here and abroad and we believe the time is right to bring futuristic design and manufacturing disciplines to this exciting sector. The applications for Anthropods beyond glamping are endless and we see an exciting future for this competitively priced, breakthrough product,’ said Anthropod Inventor and CEO, Rik Currie.

Unique Design that’s Built to last

Taking inspiration from the world of aeronautics, the semimonocoque design brings twenty-first century manufacturing design processes and disciplines to the market enabling pods to be manufactured with pinpoint accuracy and speedy construction times. Featuring a breathable internal membrane and recyclable insulation, an Anthropod is an all-year product, keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. Each pod comes with a three year guarantee with an expected life-cycle of twenty-five years plus.

Competitive pricing

Prices start from under £16,000 – £21,000 and the pods come in 6/4/2 berth versions. Interior fit-outs are bespoke but offer a combination of an integral shower/toilet/basin unit, cooking hob and micro-wave, fridge, wood burning stove/and or electric heating, solar panels (off-grid version only), ample storage space, a large, circular opening rear viewing window with a Brille Soleil, and a variety of side window options. It is anticipated that a typical glamping operator’s ROI will be fifteen months.

The interior fittings feature clever, curved units to maximise the rounded shape and increase the sense of a widening space; headroom is 2.1 metres. The exterior finish is cedar wood but plain aluminium can also be specified.

Multi applications

It is anticipated that Anthropods will have universal appeal beyond glamping for home office use, additional accommodation for the pub/Air B&B markets, disaster/famine relief environments, promotional applications including show/pop concert/sports’ events.

For more information visit the Anthropods website.