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Panorama Tent

Panorama Panorama

The DOF Panorama Tent by DOF is a unique addition to dome accommodation. Created with  a dome shaped wooden structure providing structural strength, the panorama tent is instantly recognisable and a breeze to set up. All of the connecting interior features are created especially for the accommodation to add to the aesthetic experience and the ease of set up. The special tension system allows the strong canvas to be stretched on the canvas, the stretching is adjustable after set up to assure that the tension is right at all times.

The two sizes available, large and extra-large, affect the length of the structure only, with a length of 7.5 meters for large and 8.5 meters for extra-large. The width of the tent is 4.8 meters and it has a height of 2.6 meters. This means that the large has a surface of 31 square meters while the extra-large has a surface of 36 square meters.

The DOF Panorma Tent is large enough to easily house four beds in two separate compartments and comes with a host of features. Sun shade terraces are available on either side of the tent along with two doors. The panorama windows let in natural light along with the panorama roof creating an incredibly bright space that feels even larger than it already is. Set up couldn’t be easier with an estimated time of three hours with a two person team.

Panorama Dome

Panorama Panorama

The panorama Dome is slightly smaller than its brother, the Panorama Tent, and takes on a more traditional dome shape. Created using the same technology as the Panorama Tent, the panorama dome features a wooden structure made from birch plywood. Canvas is then stretched over the structure using a special tension system which can be adjusted after the initial build.

The Panorama Dome is available in two sizes, medium and large. The Medium Panorama Dome has a diameter of 4 meters and a height of 2.2 meters, which gives it a total surface of 12.3 square meters. The large has a diameter of 4.8 meters and a height of 2.6 meters, with a surface of 18.1 square meters.

Coming in slightly smaller than the Panorama Tent, the Dome can house up to two beds with a separated kitchen compartment. The features include one sunshade terrace and two doors. Panorama windows and a smaller panorama roof let in the natural light and views. Set up is just as easy as the Panorama Tent with an estimated set-up time of three hours with a team of two people.

If you’d like to find out more about the DOF Panorama Tent or the DOF panorama Dome, find their website at