Eko Jurty Looking for UK Distributor

Poland based modern and luxury Yurt manufacturer, Eko Jurty, is looking for an International/ UK distributor

Officially established in 2015 after two years of working with architects and engineers, the goal of Eko Jurty was to have a great product made out of the best materials possible.

Maintaining the highest uncompromising quality, Eko Jurty utilise ecological materials whenever possible combined with the very latest technologies and materials to produce stylish and modern yurts.

With an eye for detail, every element used in the yurts has been fully thought out and tested to ensure that the finished product is of the highest possible quality and can guarantee reliability.

The external cover of the yurt, available in 31 colours, is made using acrylic fabric that’s breathable and is treated with additional coatings to protect against rain, mould, fungi and has a high resistance to UV rays. The internal plating is made from 100% polyester and insulation comes in the form of sheep wool. The yurts are available in a range of different sizes, from 9 to 47 square meters.

Since 2015, Eko Jurty have been helping with many people’s dreams of owning their own glamping site and would like to help more in the future.

If you’re in glamping business, looking for some new business opportunities or you just love yurts and feel that you can become a distributor in your country, please contact Eko Jurty to discuss the details.

To find out more, head to their website at www.ekojurty.com or contact them directly at office@ekojurty.com.